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a cappella, actual intelligence, alan rickman, alchemy, ancient civilizations, anti-dadaism, anxiety, archaeologie, art, artificial intelligence, astrology, astronomy, babylon, bedouin, bedu, belly dancing, boingboing, bombay sapphire, bones, book charkha, bowie, brain chemistry, btvs, cats, celtic music, charkha, china mieville, christopher eccleston, clive barker, cognitive research, comics, corsets, costuming, cotton, creativity, crocheting, cryptozoology, david bowie, depression, digital collage, doctor who 2005, early music, edgar allan poe, egyptology, erotica, evil beanies, fandom, fanfic, fencing, fiber arts, forensics, freedom of speech, friends, gadgets, ghawazee, gin and tonic, glyphs, golden ratio, gypsies, handmade paper, handspinning, harlan ellison, harmony, harry potter, hellboy, herb gardens, herbal concoctions, herbs, hgss, hgss smut, horatio hornblower, icons, illusion, ipod photo, junk, knitting, language, law and order, literature, little gem, lj not vox, lovecraft, magical realism, magick, majacraft, manic-depressive, mappalujo, metaphysics, middle eastern culture, middle eastern music, mike mignola, mixed media, music, neal stephenson, near east culture, near east music, neil gaiman, neopaganism, nomads, north africa, paganism, paranormal, period rapier, philosophy, physics, pilates, plastinates, potions, potions master, radioparadise, ravens, rom, roving, rupert giles, sca, scientific instruments, scorpio, severus snape, sewing, sidereal astrology, silk, singing, smut, snape, soapmaking, speculative fiction, stephen king, sumer, surrealism, tardis, the doctor, the gobi, the sahara, tim powers, transmetropolitan, true love, tuareg, undead, unexplained phenomenon, vocals, warren ellis, weird, wicca, william gibson, wool, writing
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